Starting Testosterone

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This is a community for FTMs starting testosterone hormone replacement therapy as part of their transition. This community is meant to be a forum to share the first few months of experiences, and to just vent about any difficulties or joys arising from the new experience of hormone therapy, but people further along in transition are of course welcome to continue to post questions and/or concerns they have with T. Links to transition journals/websites and T updates are appreciated and welcomed.

A couple other things:
1) If you join, please post an introduction. If you want to be included in our list of members (below), and have started T within the last year, please include your start date, current dose, type of testosterone, and age -- and say that you want to be included.

2) Before posting a question, see if your question has been addressed before in the:
- tags
- memories (although most of the entries are from about 3 years ago)
- tags of the ftm community

This is also a good resource on the effects of Testosterone.

3) In order to keep the community more tidy looking, please put all pictures behind a lj-cut

Our members who have started T within the last year
UsernameDate_Started______Current_Dose___Type_of_TestosteroneCurrent Age
johnnycakesDecember 10, 200950mg/weekCypionate23
crazycat56December 1, 2009200mg/weekCypionate53
poestrejectionSeptember, 2009.25mg/2 wksCypionate
michael_aidenApril, 2009.5 cc/weekCypionate40
young_cardinalsMarch 13, 200950 mg/weekDelatestryl
latyrxMarch 13, 2009200mg/2 wksCypionate24
tranboy07November 19, 20081ml/2 wksCypionate19
dragon_takashiSeptember 23, 2008100cc/2 wks28
kai_smithSeptember 12, 20081000mg/3 monthsNebido19
dandelionboyJuly 28, 2008100 mg/2 wksCypionate22
queerdragon6July 25, 2008100 mg/2 wksCypionate23
mindfulthinkerJuly 15, 2008100 mg/2 wksCypionate44
drift_entityJune 30, 2008200 mg/2 wks22
nycryanMay 29, 2008100 mg/2 wks23
brainw0rmMay 20, 2008100 mg/weekCypionate25
quaereMay 13, 200875 mg/2 wksEnanthate18
thiefcoreMay 7, 2008100 mg/weekCypionate22
farsideofewanApril 30, 2008250 mg/3 wksSustanon19
aeonapocolypseApril 18, 2008100mg/week26
zanawakeApril 8, 20085 mg/dayCream39
haydenmichaelApril 8, 2008100 mg/weekCypionate21
treat08April 7, 200825 mg/dayCream37
misguidedsadistMarch 29, 200825 mg/weekDelatestryl26
ghost_of_onyxMarch 28, 200875 mg/2 wksCypionate20
bradenwestMarch 26, 2008200 mg/2 wksCypionate29
psychoadeptMarch 20, 20082.5 mg/dayAndroderm26

Feel free to email if you are a current member who has started T within the last year and are not on the list: startingt@gmail.com
The list will be updated as soon as possible.