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Advice? HRT + Travelling in Airports - Starting Testosterone [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Starting Testosterone

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Advice? HRT + Travelling in Airports [Jun. 18th, 2011|04:39 pm]
Starting Testosterone


so my grandfather passed away and i will be traveling to chicago tomorrow. i had to buy a plane ticket, even though i'm pretty stressed about the TSA scanner experience vs Body Pat Down, since I bind and pack daily.

Now that I've started T, however, I'm also concerned because I will need to take my shot this week. Normally I take it on Monday night, but I'm not sure how bringing needles on a flight tends to go. Should I pack all of my stuff (cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, T, syringes and the prescriptions on the bag and bottle packaging), AND my letter to begin HRT, my informed consent form, etc?

I'll be gone from Sunday to Saturday.

THE OTHER alternative, is to take my shot today (saturday) or tomorrow, a day early. I would like to swing my schedule so that I'm taking my shots on Friday instead of Monday ANYWAY, but when you take it weekly, does it really make a huge difference emotionally/physically to reset the clock a day or two ahead? i'm still only on 1/2 cc (50 mg) / 100 ml weekly, and it's been 4 weeks. I was originally going to start taking a full cc this Monday, but upped another RX (zoloft) from a low 25 mg daily dose to 50 mg daily a few days ago at dr's suggestions.

with the funeral arrangements, it's too rushed to call the dr or my therapist, and it's the weekend. is this all extra worrying? should i stick to schedule and bring the right equipment through the airport, or take my dose a day and a half early?

Thanks for any feedback. It's not easy to look this kind of info up, obviously.

[User Picture]From: sebastian_bound
2011-06-18 09:48 pm (UTC)
I take weekly shots and being a day late or a day early doesn't seem to affect me.

I haven't been through TSA with needles and everything, but I think it'd be wise to bring your therapist's letter, just in case. But leave the bottled alcohol at home, you can get alcohol swabs easily enough and anything liquid (that isn't prescription) can be taken by TSA.
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[User Picture]From: poetictrdgdy
2011-06-18 10:27 pm (UTC)
good point on the rubbing alcohol. i'm real new to injecting t anyway so to add airports with the equipment (when looking gender variant is problematic enough) means i've had some heightened anxiety about it. thanks for the input :)
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